United Construction Fairs

Vabotech is organized by United Construction Fairs from Ede. Vabotech is a trade fair where construction, installation and electrical engineering come together for product innovations, construction equipment, construction and installation material and tools, but also for company clothing and vans. Construction and technology are central, Vabotech is there for the people who make it in the built environment, from management, management and employees.

Patrick Schilte

Event Director

The construction and installation sector is increasingly converging. The trade fairs are still organized per target group. “Why don’t the executive construction and installation come together in one trade fair?” I have heard that many times, but it is not there yet, which is partly why we are starting with Vabotech.

I have many years of experience in the sector, first working for many years for a well-known market leading publisher with construction media and technical journals. In recent years I have worked as (exhibition) manager for national trade fairs in the construction and installation sector. My mission is that people working in construction and technology are proud of their work. That they are ambassadors to make other people enthusiastic to participate. I believe that in an increasingly digital age, supply and demand are still best established between people.

Doing business together and being proud of our field: “that’s what Vabotech stands for.”

Robbin Kaldenbach

Sales Manager

I like to connect parties, facilitate where necessary. In my opinion, connecting is an important part of Vabotech, in addition to the opportunities for trade or gaining knowledge. When I describe myself, I am someone who thinks in terms of creative solutions and is innovative. I also like to use that for our exhibitors. What attracts me to the built environment is that you can never develop a project entirely on your own. This requires several disciplines or to interpret it in sports terms; a team. In construction, this team increasingly consists of builders, installers and electrical engineers. With the team in mind and looking at the construction & installation sector, these are inextricably linked. Together they make the building the desired living and / or working environment. That is why I also believe in Vabotech, because everyone really comes together here.

I have recently worked as an account manager for construction and installation trade fairs and have become enthusiastic about the sector itself. I see many opportunities with Vabotech to help companies achieve their marketing and sales goals.


Exhibition for construction, installation and electrical engineering

Vabotech is a unique event, both in terms of organization and subjects’ matter. It brings together the three major segments: construction, mechanical engineering installation and electrical engineering. This means that not only the physical aspects of the construction industry, like machines and materials will be subjects of the conversations, but also the processes in particular cases will receive the deserved attention.